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ATU's Accommodation Services

ATU provides dormitory for almost every student such as those admitted through National University Entrance Competition (NUEC, Konkur), although student residency is based on how they have been admitted. As an illustration, ATU admits two kinds of students; those who have been accepted through NUEC and those international ones who have applied directly and also been admitted to ATU. Further information will be available at How to Apply.
Currently, ATU has ten equipped dormitories, five for boys and five for girls. The dormitories are distributed in different locations of Tehran according to their proximity to ATU Campuses, so as to ease students' transportation from dorms to their campuses, save much of their time, and contribute to the city's sustainable development. Also, ATU has been equipping its dorms with gyms, libraries, counseling rooms, student-association rooms, hygiene rooms, computer and internet rooms and buffets. More details on the locations of the dorms can be found at Dormitories.
Students had better know there are some rules and policies they must obey. As a case in point, all girl students should be at their dorms by 9 p.m. and boys by 11 p.m., unless they attune with the person in charge beforehand. Tuitions and details on how to apply will be discussed in the chapter on How to Apply.